Monday, January 15, 2018

Driving Miss Lucy

It was another late night last night. I cast on the 232 stitches and then couldn't stop. The first section is made up of short rows to grow the semi circle. The rows are taking a long time but as I get going they will become shorter and shorter.

We should see a new Opal sock yarn next week. Happy colours for a dreary winter day.

Don't forget that Opal only produces a series of colours once. When they are sold out we can not reorder them.
There is also a new series called Elegant. Four colours are coming from this collection - the denims and the greys. Not everyone wants bold socks.

Lucy is very comfortable in the front seat of the truck. Dad and Beth are going to visit a job site in Bowmanville tomorrow and taking Lucy along for the ride. I wonder if it will be Beth or Lucy who rides in the back.


Julie Ann said...

I'm thinking Lucy has already picked her seat! Love your knitting on the hardwood. Gorgeous! Hugs.

Anne (LifeLackadaisical) said...

Heated seats? Our dogs want a new vehicle with heated back seats! I’m pretty sure Lucy has the best seat!