Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Coming Soon

I borrowed this picture from Hedgehog Fibres. Urchin, Dijon and Cereal. What a great combination.

I received notice from them today that our shipment should be on the way very soon. Here are some new colours that I can't wait to work with.
Piggy Bank is a bright and cheerful multi, both variegated and speckled.
Iris is lavender with strokes of rust, teal and rich purple.
I wanted bright pictures for today's post. It is so cold out. And the wind is crazy. Our power has already been out once for about 15 minutes.

Meet Flying Fringe, a free pattern from Hedgehog Fibres.
Easy rectangular scarf in garter stitch knitted on the bias. You will be holding two strands of fingering weight yarn together for a marled effect. To create a similar looking marl only change one strand at a time. You won’t have to worry about weaving in the ends, they will become part of the fringe.

One more colour that I can't wait to have on my needles.
Parklife is a complex green with pinks, yellows and so much more.

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