Monday, January 22, 2018

Coming in March

Get your projects finished because there are new patterns coming in March from Joji Locatelli and Veera Välimäki. You can read more about Interpretations 5 here.

There will be a new colour from Hedgehog Fibres featured in the book and we should have it by the end of February. Meet Anemone. What a great colour for spring!
We will have Anemone in Skinny Singles and Sock.

I made it to the next colour on Kimba. One more row of C2 (the cream), 2 rows of C1, 2 rows of C2, 2 rows of C1 and then C2 for 14 rows until I get to bring in C3. 

Ancaster Community Services posted this on Facebook last week. Today Beth sent dad to the grocery store. We've been keeping him busy running errands. A buggy full of food and a bill of $130. He did good. Dad has been the one to do the grocery shopping since we were young. He has no clue how much things cost though. He buys by brand and it doesn't matter if it's on sale or not. Today he walked the aisles looking at all the things on sale. It opened a whole new world to him.
Beth has been cleaning out my mom's office. There aren't a lot of pictures of us as kids but here are a few. We were very lucky that my parents took us away every year.
Beth has been busy baking muffins while I'm writing. They are out of the oven and it's time for some TV.

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