Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Colour Explosion

Mr. UPS came for a visit this afternoon with the Rockshelter Sock. Oh my goodness. I might keep it all for myself!! The colours are amazing. There are some calmer colours but the ones I like the best are the bright ones. And a few of them are very bright. Great to knit with on a cold winter day.

He came very late and I had errands to run or I would have put together some Find Your Fade kits. I can't wait to get to work in the morning.

I need to give out some Ambah O'Brien Ravelry Coupon Codes. :) I was at home with Roko for a bit so I asked the ladies in the store to pick some numbers for me.

Congratulations to the 8 lucky winners. Your codes have been messaged to you on Ravelry. Please check your Inbox.

4 - Highlights
19 - yummygirl
42 - adriennehol
26 - Mojo53222
57 - jkaine
14 - susank
62 - Cbaird25
35 - Lynnwood

Thank you for all your kind words and messages. It means a lot to my family. Dad and Beth will be leaving Myrtle Beach very early in the morning - between 2 and 3am. The only way home is through Erie, PA. The snow is supposed to stop for a bit and then start again tomorrow afternoon. They want to get through while there is daylight. I think Lucy would love to stop for a bit and play in 6 feet of snow.

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Basia Nolberczak said...

Wonderfull colors:) Beste wishes:)