Thursday, September 28, 2017

That's not my dog

Mom and dad had a dinner party last night so we looked after Lucy for a few hours. Beth took her for a walk and this happened. She loves water. I hope our neighbours didn't see it.

I'm fading into my third colour. The first colour is a Skinny Single from Hedgehog - one of our Potluck colours. The next two are from Long Dog Yarn. When I'm finished the third colour I might change the order of the rest of my colours. I'll see how this ball knits up.

October is going to be a busy month - there will be many shipments arriving. At the end of the month we will be receiving a box from Long Dog Yarn. This is the Outlander series of colours. Brandy will by dying this on Bounce Sock and Singles for us.

I ordered from a new dyer today, Fuse Fiber Studio, and that shipment will be arriving at the end of October. Rebecca has a very different colour palette from some of the other dyers. I'm excited to see them in person.

There will be 174 skeins of singles in the shipment. There was a decision - do I mix singles and a sock yarn with nylon? I decided to go with singles for this shipment in a wide range of colours. There will be 29 colours, 6 skeins of each. Why 29? I can't count and thought I had 30 :) The next shipment will be sock.
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Now I'm heading back to my knitting. No, I haven't picked my colours for the Stephen West MKAL. I have two combinations lying on the dining room table and can't decide. That is tomorrow's job - the first clue will be coming out.

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