Sunday, September 03, 2017

Nantucket Blanket

I finished the blanket last night and the ends have been needle felted. It was a very easy knit - 26 stitches on 25mm needles. I used two balls of Big Loop from Loopy Mango.
I'm going to make the throw again in grey for the living room. This time I will do 26 stitches but just use one ball. If you are going to lay under the blanket then you need more than 26 stitches. I would say 34. If you are going to use it for decoration then one ball is more than enough.
Yes, the walls of my bedroom are still 'builder beige/grey'. We decided to wait with painting until after our two year warranty is up. Now that all the nail pops have been fixed the painter can come in. I'm debating on the colour. It will be a purple/grey colour. The question is how dark to go.

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