Saturday, September 23, 2017

Last Night

Beth taught Splattershot yarn dying today. The skeins the students dyed are amazing.
We had fun in my Find Your Fade class.
During the weekend, the ladies had challenges to perform. If their challenge was completed, they earned extra ballots for door prizes. Sarah looks very cute in her bunny ears. She had to wear them during dinner.
Elizabeth Ann and Connie's task was to have their hair tied in 10 different places and come to breakfast.

Other tasks included
-wear your pyjamas to breakfast
-wear your clothes inside out to breakfast
-dance your way to lunch and through the buffet line
-have a meal with Fiona and casually eat some of her dinner and desert
-get the signature of 10 Bayview Wildwood employees
-go for a hike and bring back 5 different leaves
Tonight was our Student Fashion Show. Val, Kathryn and Elaine wore their Memories Sweater. It is a pattern that Sally Melville showed at Camp last year. The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry and is knit in fingering weight yarn. From Sally
When leaving for a trip, I needed something to knit that would take a longtime but not a lot of space. So I made a swatch, gathered leftover sock yarns, made a pile of 8yd butterflies, and proceeded. It did take a long time, but since every square was different, it was constantly and totally engaging. And little did I know it would become my favourite sweater--so much so that I immediately started another! 
I call it my Memories Sweater, because I can recall where I purchased each of the sock yarns used. So, besides being fashionable and comfortable and oft-admired (by knitters from three continents!), this garment has the preciousness of a quilt. It is truly irreplaceable and much treasured. I expect yours will be too! 
PS All of these squares are joined as you work, plus I tell you when to work in tails. There is very little sewing (or tails) in this garment. I also offer lots of photos to help you through this. It is not difficult, and it is great fun!
It's off to bed. Tomorrow morning I'm teaching Tips and Tricks.

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