Saturday, September 30, 2017

In a Word

Rita and Sara came for a visit this morning and brought some shawls to show off. The shawl that Rita had on was interesting. Everyone in the store wanted to see how it was knit. She commented that because of the shape it sits nicely on her shoulders.
This shawl is light as a feather and has a unique flair. The delicate, yet graphic shawl is easily knitted in garter stitch and shaped with short rows and the outcome is something very special.
Pattern: In a Word (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Fingering weight - 2 colours - 2 skeins each

They brought in their Free Your Fades. The first two colours are the same and then they went in their own direction for the last colour.

I think I've picked my colours for Speckle & Pop! I could still change my mind tomorrow. I wanted something different. (I know that the purple isn't out of the ordinary but adding in the lime makes it new :) ) That resulted in Singles from Long Dog for the main colours and a Party of Five kit from SweetGeorgia for the pop.

Now I'm going back to Find Your Fade. I don't think I want to do 80 some odd rows of I-Cord to start Speckle & Pop! tonight. There's also the issue of winding the yarn. Tomorrow seems like a better option.

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Ewa Allekorale said...

Wery nice scarves.