Sunday, September 24, 2017

Home Again

We're home from Camp and had an amazing time. Our instructors, Fiona Ellis and Beth Casey did a great job with their classes. It's such a joy to have instructors that are prepared for class and who will do anything to help their students. We ask our instructors to mingle during meals and at the evening events. Fiona and Beth go above and beyond which helps me when I'm running around making sure that things are going smoothly. The Campers are great. Beth kept commenting on the fact that they pay to come to Camp and will jump in to help whenever I asked them to. They always help with clean up after classes (and dying class can take a while to clean up), move tables after class to set up the room for an evening event, get Fiona's suitcase to class (she takes a lot of samples and the suitcase is really heavy) and whatever else needs to be done like running to the front desk to get coffee cups for the class room.

Normally my sister Beth is at Camp for the weekend to help me but she had to come home on Friday afternoon for a family wedding. She was the MC. This morning she drove back up to Camp with my dad to help pack up. It was the first time my dad had been to Bayview-Wildwood. He loved it up there. Beth Casey (the Beth thing can get confusing) showed him how to dye yarn. He met the Campers that we have been talking about for years. There were men fishing on the lake which made him very jealous. I have a feeling he's going to want to come to Camp next year.

It was very hard being home tonight and trying to come up with what to eat for dinner. We were spoiled at Camp. Three meals a day plus lots of snacks. This was our mid morning snack yesterday.

Now it's time to put my feet up and knit. I think I did one and a half rows while I was away.

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