Monday, September 04, 2017


Dad and I went to Terra this afternoon. I needed fall planters for the store. I really, really want need these big planters.

This is the planter that I bought for my mom. I totally forgot to get pictures at the store but mine are something like this. Except for the main flowers - mom's are orange and mine are pink.

There wasn't a lot of knitting today. I've been working on Camp. During the weekend of Camp, the students collect Lucky Dollars. We line up the amazing door prizes from our suppliers and the students put their Dollars into the prizes that they want to win. They can spread out their dollars or put all their Dollars towards one prize. We draw names to see who wins.

I worked on class notes as well. I'm teaching a class on Find Your Fade. Picking colours. Sizing. Tips for the shawl...

If you're coming to Camp, check your inbox. A newsletter went out today.

Now it's time for dinner and then knitting.

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Lois Evensen said...

Oh, I love the big flower pots! I have two small pots on the front porch, but two of those big ones would be fantastic!

Happy knitting,