Friday, September 29, 2017

Can't Make a Decision

Find Your Fade is growing. The next colour was going to be the grey with turquoise (now the last colour) but I think I've changed my mind. I think I'm going to go into the purples and end with grey.

My dad goes on a mission trip to Honduras every winter. Last night there was a dinner and auction to raise money for Honduras (none of it is used for travel - it all goes towards their work once there). Beth came home with something for our entryway. She sent me pictures earlier in the afternoon and I told her she needed to get it in the auction.
It was donated by Hammertown Industrial. Their work is amazing.

We have a few more warranty items to be taken care of in our house and then we can paint. I can't wait to get rid of the 'builders beige' and have grey walls.

We are starting new store hours in October. The only change will be on Friday.

Monday-Friday 10-5:30
Saturday 10-4
Sunday Closed

For years we opened later on Fridays and then stayed open later in the evening. We had many customers coming early and not many coming late so it was time to change.

If you are going to join Stephen West's MKAL, I would suggest watching his video. He explains some of the steps that might be new to you. I know that I will be watching the video again when I start. Here are the times for each tutorial.

0:01 I-cord cast on 0:42 Using MC1, k3, pick up and k84 sts along I-cord edge. 1:23 Next Row (WS) Pick up and k3 sts from the I-cord cast on edge 2:09 end of Row 3 (RS) 2:22 Row 4 (WS): M1L 3:16 Row 8 (WS) 3:50 Row 9 (RS) 4:28 Row 9: sl1, pick up a stitch from 2 ridges below and knit it together with the slipped stitch. 5:12 Row 9: k2tog, slm, k1 while closing the gap, k1, pass first stitch over. 6:25 end of Row 9 7:00 Row 11: k2tog & ssk 7:31 I-cord bind off 7:45 Graft the remaining 6 stitches together using kitchener stitch Needles: I recommend a 40” US 4 / 3.5mm circular needle

Do you want to see how the first clue is going to knit up? Here is a link to the discussion on Ravelry... I have filtered it to show only comments that have pictures.

No, I haven't picked my colours yet. I'm having one of those weeks where I can't make a decision.

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