Monday, September 18, 2017


Fletchling is a new pattern from Freia Fibers.
Mirrored and Offset Purl Ridges on a Knit Background, Sporadically Broken by a Fletch Patterning for a Stylish Asymmetrical Shawl
The pattern is purchased on Ravelry and is knit in Freia Shawl Ball.

The shawl takes two balls and you are choosing two different colours.
From the designer: 
This pattern is part of a series of ridged pattern shawls. The word Fletchling is a play on words – a combination of fledgling (baby bird) and fletching (to add feathers to an arrow). Since the “Fletchling” stripes are small on this design – as compared to the patterning on “Vane” another design in this series – I decided that the diminutive invented word was a good fit.
Jean sent an email today with a picture of her finished Find Your Fade. It's beautiful. She loved the colours when we picked them but wasn't as happy when it was finished.
I just wanted to share that I borrowed back the shawl from my daughter and wore it this past week.....and I loved it! 
I feel so much better about it than I did. Yesterday my neighbour came over and I got her to model so I had a picture with better colour....outside is so much better. 
I'm packed and ready for Camp. There are a few things left to print tomorrow including the Fashion Show brochure. There is a parcel on the way from Prism Yarns and I think it might be garments. It was shipped from Ft. Lauderdale the day before Irma. I'm surprised that it is already in Toronto. The bad thing about being ready is I walk through the store and keep adding things for our mini yarn shop. I must stop.

Tonight I need to start thinking about the clothes that I am going to take. The weather forecast for the weekend is amazing.

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