Wednesday, August 02, 2017

What the Fade?

Alex brought in her Find Your Fade and I need it. She jammed it in her bag quickly after I took pictures. I don't think she trusted me with it.
She used Hedgehog Skinny Singles
-potluck 1170
-potluck (sold out but you could use the new 1310)

While we were putting yarn away I started to play with colours for Andrea Mowry's Find Your Fade and What The Fade? Find Your Fade needs 7 colours and What the Fade? requires 6. I made Find Your Fade colourways and then took out one skein for What the Fade?

Rockshelter Sock

Rockshelter Sock - I can put together colours that don't include purple :)

Hedgehog Sock

Yesterday I talked about Mary Ann from Frabjous Fibers (Wonderland Yarns). Here are two options for What the Fade? I used the same colours but the top colour in the first picture became the last picture in the second. Friends can use the same colours but by using them in a different order the shawls will look different.

Meet the new potluck colours from Hedgehog. The first four are in Sock and the last three are in Skinny Singles.

Surprisingly I didn't bring any skeins home with me. That could change tomorrow :)

I did paperwork and website updating last night until a silly hour and there was no knitting. I'm going to sign off now and get a few more rows knit on Starting Point. I'm on a mission to get it finished soon.

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