Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Pull out your mini skeins

Ambah has a new pattern - Xandra Wrap.
Let your inner artist out to play with a fun, colourful knit.  
Xandra Wrap can be knit in 3 main colours with a 4th colour pop, or choose a palette of partial or mini-skeins from your stash and create a unique masterpiece as striking or as subdued as you desire. Garter stripes alternate with a lovely, simple-to-knit lace while regular colour changes keep you hooked as you eagerly anticipate the next combination. There’s no complicated shaping to keep track of - simple increases and decreases form a biased wrap that is as easy to wear as it is entertaining to knit.

For the first 24 hours Xandra will be today’s featured pattern in my #knitaugust promotion, enjoy an automatic 50% off through midnight August 17 (in your time zone) 
Following this, there will be my usual 20% introductory offer through Midnight August 20. Just add the pattern to your cart to see the discount!
I was at the dentist at 8 this morning because I lost a filling. The freezing is killing my sinuses. I don't want to put away yarn or tidy or anything so I'm going to knit for a while :) Knitting cures all!!

That was written at 10 this morning. It's almost 9pm and I haven't touched my knitting. It was a busy day in the store and I accomplished a lot on Camp. Today I asked suppliers to borrow sample garments. We do a fashion show on Friday evening and I don't repeat garments from year to year. We need new and exciting! I was also working on goodie bags.

Every Camper receives an amazing bag full of patterns, accessories and whatever my suppliers want to donate. They are very generous!

I've been emailing with Ambah while I've been working. She has made an awesome donation to the goodie bags. I asked her to slow down on her designing because I can't keep up with her :)

I was going to hold my post until after an hour of knitting but I don't want you to miss out on the discount for Ambah's pattern.

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goodie bags? I want to go to camp!