Monday, July 31, 2017


Yesterday afternoon on my way home from errands I had a small problem. The tire light came on in my car and within 200m it was flat.

This morning our neighbour changed the tire for me and then I was off to the dealership to buy new tires.

It's later in the day and I'm finally home to put my feet up. I think I might knit before dinner. I had a long list of to-dos today which didn't get done. I guess I'll do them tomorrow.

Or not. There is at least one box coming tomorrow morning from Hedgehog Fibres. One shipment is Sock. 220 skeins including 4 potluck colours. The other shipment is 158 skeins of Skinny Singles (including 4 potluck) and 32 skeins of Twist Sock. I'm not sure what boxes are arriving tomorrow, the others are caught in customs.

The Issa Cowl has been blocked and looks great. I'd sew the ends in but I can't find a sewing needle at home. (a good excuse - I didn't look very hard)
More colours of Dyed in the Wool should be here by the middle of the month.

We had crazy rain that brought out a very intense rainbow.
Peggy lives down the street and sent me a text with this picture.
I think the Pot of Gold was in your backyard!
Darn - I didn't find it.

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