Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Mosaic Knitting

There was a bit of knitting tonight. Thank you The Amazing Race and Big Brother. I'm totally addicted to this cowl. You are only working with one colour per row. And the rows go quickly. How come I haven't done a project with Mosaic Knitting before?

Interweave Knits has a great article explaining Mosaic Knitting.

Don't forget that the sale is running through next Friday. Don't miss out on a chance to purchase Rialto Luxury Sock from Debbie Bliss at a discount. All these patterns take two balls - one each of two different colours.
Pattern: Meadowside (Purchased on Ravelry)
Pattern: Around the Corner (purchased on Ravelry)
Pattern: Cloudline (purchased on Ravelry)
Pattern: Brackenreid (purchased on Ravelry)
Pattern: ZickZack (free on Ravelry)

I was supposed to be in bed early. That didn't happen. Thankfully the 'big guys' don't tee off until around 4am. I told my dad we'd talk to him at 5am. A few hours of golf (and maybe some more knitting) before heading to work.

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