Saturday, July 08, 2017

Happy Saturday

It's day two of Beth's birthday. Tonight we are going to see Blondie and Garbage at the Palms. We first saw Garbage in Vegas in 1999 and when they were here this weekend we had to buy tickets.
This morning we played tourists and went on the High Roller.
You can see for a long way around you. The best part for me was watching the planes land and take off at the airport.
At the Cosmpolitan - look mom we bought new shoes. I don't have any knitting to report but I can talk about yarn for a minute. A lady called me a few weeks ago looking for a skein of yarn that she couldn't find anywhere. We had one skein on the website and she wanted to confirm that we had it. I recognized the area code and asked where she was from. Las Vegas. I have the skein with me and meeting her in a few minutes. It saved her a lot on shipping. And now I've talked about yarn :)

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Trina said...

Now that's service! I hope she was as impressed as I am!