Sunday, July 02, 2017


My plan was to finish today.  I put my skein on the scale and it says that there are 50 grams left. UGH!
I don't think I knit 10 rows today. And there was no knitting last night.

Last week we went to the vet and got Melo some anxiety pills for fireworks. He had his pill early last night, had on his thunder jacket and was doing really well. Until the people across the street decided to set off fireworks in the road. Poor Melo. It was so loud and there was almost no consoling him. We finally got him settled down when it stopped. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Pa with Luke , a Border Collie . He has conquered thunder storms , on my bed , but not those fireworks . Last night , same as there , the neighbors set them off . I can't even stand it !
2 nights to go . Hang in there !!!