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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Party of Five

I love SweetGeorgia's Party of Five kits. A pattern was just released that uses one kit.
Pattern: Marron (purchased on Ravelry)
Playful and bold, Marron is a gorgeous shawl that makes the most of our Party of Five gradient sets. Gentle waves of dropped yarn overs pair beautifully with the triangular line of the silhouette for an accessory that captivates from start to finish.

A tip from the designer
Its important when carrying the yarn up the side that the yarns are twisted every time at the right-hand side of the work, but also that the carried yarn is not pulled too tight so that it there is enough give for blocking. What I do is to knit the first 3-4 sts of the right-side row then stop and make sure that the tension is even and all sts are neat (pulling gently on the carried yarn as necessary). Then, I give a tug on the right-hand side edge such that the carried yarn is pulled out to the maximum the fabric will allow.  That way you won’t get any puckering on the finished piece and it can block to its full glory!
Take a look at the Marron knit in the Jelly Bean colourway. Oh my goodness. So beautiful.

And the timing of the new pattern is perfect. We are well stocked on kits right now - a shipment arrived this week. 

I started another Winter Cove this evening. This time I'm using Malabrigo Rasta - the colour is Reflecting Pool. There is nothing better than a quick and easy project.

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