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Thursday, August 04, 2016

Thursday in Myrtle Beach

Help!! Someone emailed me yesterday with pictures of their Ambah shawl. I was at the airport and didn't open the email. Now it's gone. I don't remember who sent it but I know that it was there. Please email me again.
My cowl is growing. I didn't tell you what colours I'm using - the turquoise is Cozumel, the lime is Prague and the purple is Minneapolis. We have these colours in Shepherd Sock (the yarn I'm using) and in Solemate.
There was another yarn from Erika Knight in the box that Lynn unpacked yesterday. Gossypium Cotton.
One of my jobs while I was here was to have the dryer fixed. It would overheat and stop. I called the company at 11:45. The repair man has been here, fixed the problem and is gone. All before 1:30. The dryer used to live on the right and he switched them (and made the door go the right way) as well as blowing out and fixing the vent hose. He even swept up behind the washer and dryer. Sit down for what I paid. $65. I asked if I could bring him home to fix things there :)
Someone is growing. Beth has been working on her training and tired her out. She couldn't even make it the grass. They were working on down yesterday and now she'll do it. She did it for my mom this afternoon too. Maybe she'll be easier to train than we thought. She can be very stubborn.


kathy b said...

So beautiful, that pup. LOve the lines on the face. Thanks for the honesty. DOg training is big job. We dont speak the same langauge!

Candice said...

Maybe her 'down' is actually 'I'm pooped'.