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Friday, August 26, 2016

So Close

I spent the afternoon knitting with the hopes of finishing my shawl. Almost. I think I have about 10 more rows. It doesn't seem like a lot but each row is over 500 stitches.

In between rows I've been taking a closer look at the new Rowan magazine. Rowan #60 has some interesting sweaters knit in Cocoon.
This wonderful soft roving British yarn is a designer's dream. Made from a blend of merino wool and kid mohair, it creates beautiful textured and cable stitches and lovely striping and pattern effects.

If the yarn interests you but these patterns don't, Rowan published a magazine for Cocoon (The Cocoon Collection) which is out of print but you can purchase the book or individual patterns on Ravelry...

This is Cheri from the Cocoon Collection - it was my Olympic project one year.

I've been asked for more Lucy pictures. Here she is. All 50lbs of her. Look at the drool. Mom and dad better make sure they have kleenex with them at all times.

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Diane Cooper said...

They will need more than a Kleenex!!! Such a cutie! Drool and all...