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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Yarn Day One

I'm back in the room dropping off some purchases so I started my post. I'll finish later but I'm writing while these are still fresh in my mind.
Before you get into the show there is an area for vendors to display new items. Here are new colours coming from Freia.
Mrs. Crosby above and Lorna's Laces below.
Here are some pictures for inside the show.
This shawl is called Peony and the pattern is by Hayley Tsang Sather. It is shown in Reticule from Mrs. Crosby in the new colour Pansy. We've ordered this colour and should have it in early July.
It's all about the colour!!
I'm back in the room for a few minutes before heading out to dinner. Here are pictures that Beth took in her travels today.
As I'm writing she is in the American Art Museum - portraits gallery.
We are both seeing lots of interesting things on the trip. I'm pretty sure there will be some more pictures tomorrow :) 


Sally said...

Is Beth going to have a chance to go to the Lincoln Memorial or Arlington Cemetery? It must have been amazing to see the White House. Enjoy ! ! ! !

Lois Evensen said...

You can't get very close to the White House any more for pictures, can you. What a sad statement on the state of the world. As always, I love the yarn that you show us. :)