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Sunday, June 05, 2016


Mom, dad and Beth made the trek to Chatham today to meet Lucy. I stayed home with Roko and Melo. It wouldn't have been good for me to go. We could have ended up with another puppy. Beth was the voice of reason. Not a very loud voice but from what I understand there will be only one puppy coming home in three weeks.

She sent me some pictures during the visit.
This is Lucy's mom, Fabel

Meet Lucy. Beth said that she cuddled right in with both mom and dad.
They give each puppy a different coloured collar so that they can identify them as they grow. Lucy is the purple collared puppy. Very fitting.

A bit of knitting since it's a blog about yarn :) My shawl is growing. I can end it whenever I choose but I have lots of fuchsia so I'm continuing for a bit more. I need to cast off on Tuesday so the ends can be sewn in on Wednesday and Thursday.

My Lamina will not be coming to Washington. The weather is going to be way too hot to wear it. I'm pretty sure I can find a lighter shawl in my closet or hanging in the store.

Now back to the basketball. As a Golden State fan I'm loving it!!

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Candice said...

Precious puppy!