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Sunday, October 04, 2015

That's a lot of rain

They've been talking on the news about the rain in South Carolina. There has been a lot of it. At the golf course where our house is they've had 21" (no that isn't a typo) of rain.

Friends are staying in our house in Myrtle Beach. This is the first email that came in this morning. The road is a bit flooded. The water is half way up the mail box.
This is the second picture. A lady got stranded on the road beside our house. They got her out and brought her in to dry her off before her husband could get as far as he could to pick her up.
This is the third email. The front of our house. Half of our front lawn is under water. The water on the road is so deep that Jim was swimming in it. They emailed a video of him doing the front crawl down the road. Then they heard that there was a yellow house in trouble. My parent's house is yellow. Jim went a mile through the water to make sure it was okay. Thankfully it was. They just had new floors installed.
Beth and I are hosting a family get together next Monday. We figured everyone will have eaten enough turkey so we are having lasagna. Today was very productive. Three large trays and four small ones. The freezer is full and we'll have dinner food for a while.

There was a bit of knitting today but not a lot. I was busy flipping between football games.
The Reverb Shawl in a Party of Five kit from sweetgeorgia. I'm using the Rusted colourway.

The new season of Homeland starts tonight. Of course we had to order the Superchannel to watch it. I'd like to think that I'll be able to knit during it but I'm kidding myself. You have to pay a lot of attention.

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