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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Inspira Cowl

One of my favourite cowls to knit is the Inspira Cowl. It is knit with two colours of yarn and my yarn of choice is Liberty from Classic Elite. The yarn stripes so it looks like you're working with many colours but you are really only knitting with two colours in a row.
The pattern is free on Ravelry...
Inspira Cowl is worked in the round on circular needles. Corrugated ribbing is used, where two different coloured yarns are stranded across each round. The ribbing height varies throughout for each of the three cowl options. After two plain knit rows, the corrugated ribbing pattern shifts, or is staggered, i.e., previous knit columns become purl columns. This graphic shift of colour & texture is what gives Inspira it’s dynamic flow.
Our samples are the Steampunk version. We cast on 138 or 144 stitches and worked straight - no decreases to bring it in. You need 2 balls of the background colour (knits) and 1 ball of the contrast (purls).
I knew that I needed no concentration knitting for the baseball game last night so I started a new one.
The plan was to finish it during tonight's game. I guess I'll be working on it while watching something else.

And I'm using new needles. The newest limited edition needle set from Knitter's Pride has arrived.
I'm not the biggest fan of wooden needles (ok, I'm an addi snob) but I really like these with the brass tips. I'm actually using two different sizes (there is another new project but I'm saving that for tomorrow) and both are working well. The yarn is not catching on the join or on the tip on either size.

The set is $148.50. We have one set left in stock and more should arrive during the week.

Now it's time to rest. It was a late night last night and then a crazy busy day in the store - there isn't a complaint there. We like it crazy busy. Rainy and cool makes people think about knitting. Beth is picking up pizza so I have an easy evening in front of me. Hopefully I get the cowl finished and then I can get more rows done on my secret project to show tomorrow.

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