Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Happy day after Thanksgiving

Today's post has two parts. I started writing yesterday and then more from today.
The Reverb Shawl is finished and blocked. Now someone needs to sew the ends in.

We were up very early today - the tables and chairs were delivered at 7:30. We've cleaned the house, made the beds, started dinner set up and have the food in the oven.

Thank goodness everyone enjoys sports as much as we do. There are four baseball games on today and the TV will be on during dinner. Either that or dinner will be at 7pm after the Jays game.

Now it's Tuesday afternoon. By the time everyone left last night and we did a few loads of dishes it was bed time. I really wanted to write but couldn't. It's a bit of work to feed 25 people.

Beth finished a cowl for the Fleece Festival. It is knit in one ball of Olympia from Lana Grossa. The pattern is easy (just knits, purls and slips) and quick on 9mm needles.
Pattern: Reverb Shawl (free from Sweetgeorgia)
Yarn: Party of Five CashLuxe Spark kit

It's finished with the ends sewn in and ready to take the trip to Woodstock on Friday. We have two more baseball games today so I'm going to knit for a while. My Auburn Wave in Jilly with Cashmere won't be finished for Woodstock but there is enough knit to have it on display to show how beautiful the yarn is.

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