Friday, October 09, 2015

Getting ready for Festival

Today is about getting ready for the Fleece Festival. We're making up kits and starting to pack. I was in the store early today, thankfully, because the SweetGeorgia kits arrived. YAY!!!

We have new wooden crates to use in the booth. Today we've been filling them with yarn and kits. 
This is Olympia from Lana Grossa - the colours are awesome. I have a better picture of my cowl. A real model is always better than one of my mannequin friends.
2 balls and 9mm, 80 cm circular needles. We'll give you the pattern with the purchase of the yarn. All you need to know is how to knit and purl. And count to six.
These kits are for Gale - the poncho that we have hanging in the store.

Sarah wore Gale at the Knitters' Fair and after the show picked up the yarn to knit herself one. Here are some comments from her blog (
Gale is knit like two big rectangles with some arm shaping and a loose neck. It really has a sweater feel and doesn’t flow out around the body. It’s closed at the side with a button. The first thing I noticed was that it was warm without being stifling. I also felt that I could still wear a coat with it on. My big beef about ponchos is that when it gets really cold out it’s awkward to wear a coat over top.
Right now we are watching the bottom of the 9th. I want to lock the door and concentrate but Lynn won't let me.

It's much later and the fourth baseball game of the day is on. The first one didn't end well. The Jays are in trouble if they don't start hitting.

After a long day in the store it's time to say goodnight. Saturday of a long weekend can go one of two ways. The store could be totally dead because everyone is out visiting with their family or it can be crazy busy because people have come from out of town to see their family and visit while they're close.

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