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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Free pattern

We all love free patterns. And especially free patterns from Rowan.
Knit this  relaxed fit ladies cardigan, available as a free download. Designed by Sarah Hatton using Brushed Fleece its simplicity make it a quick knit project suitable for a beginner.
Download the pattern...
Brushed Fleece is a super soft blend of extra fine merino wool and baby alpaca. The yarn has a soft marl colour effect and is quick to knit making it very wearable, warm and lightweight.
I have a poncho in Brushed Fleece. The yarn isn't heavy but it will keep you warm.

There are 4 new colours of Brushed Fleece that haven't made it onto the website yet. These would all look great in the cardigan.
263 Cairn
264 Loch
265 Moss
266 Heather

It's going to be a two post day. I spent the morning at home waiting for a special delivery. While waiting I wrote about the new yarn from Louisa Harding. Then I found the free pattern on Rowan's website.

Now I'm back in the store doing mail orders and while I'm waiting for the printer to finish I'm adding pictures of our new furniture. Thank you Urban Barn. It looks great. This is another reason for two posts. Mom and dad are in Myrtle Beach and they won't be home for a bit to see our furniture. This way my mom can see pictures.
The side board was ordered from a black and white computer print out so I'm very happy with how it looks in real life.

This was the first distillery table that the delivery men had set up and they had no clue how it went together. Thankfully I had pictures of the table in the store so they could see how the legs and extra pieces joined.
We are waiting for a bench for this side of the table and there will be a third chair for the other side. For the ends we want to get different, kind of funky chairs. We've watched way too many episodes of Property Brothers and are picking up some of their ideas.

Now Beth and I are off to Mississauga. Our friend Bev is skydiving tonight at iFly. I can't wait to see this.


Anonymous said...

Tks for showing us the photos of your new furniture. But oh, the long drapes behind a sideboard - how about remaking them into a roman blind - not a good look to have "cut off" drapes! Or at least, shorten them - it's just looks wrong the way it is!

Anonymous said...

That was a little rude. The curtains are fine as they are because they need to cover the full frame and would look very strange "sitting" on the sideboard if shortened. A Roman blind would be fine but it would lack the visual impact that the curtains have now (a wall hanging effect that fits the scale of the room).