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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Elbow River

Heidi Kirrmaier has a new shawl pattern - Elbow River. I emailed her the minute I saw it to ask permission to use her pictures. The shawl is beautiful!

I've knit one of her patterns and own many more. This pattern is 6 pages long - of course it's in my Ravelry library. Heidi writes out every row making it very easy to follow. I cross out each row as I do it and then I always know where I am. Especially if I set it aside for a while.
The design lends itself to being worked either in one yarn - ideally, one that is heavily variegated or self striping - or in a few different colours, perhaps using remnants of sock yarns you have at hand. You can use 4 colours and change them as provided in the pattern, or use as many colours as you like and make stripes any way your heart desires. No matter which you choose, the 3D “stepped” (or “elbow”?) effect will shine through! The pattern includes a few blank diagrams which can be printed and coloured in, if you would like to test your colour choices.

For the blue sample shown, I chose colours that remind me of the different seasons that fall upon the Elbow River. The water is always clean, clear and cold, whether it’s being fed by melting glaciers in the spring, flowing more slowly in the arid summer months, reflecting low autumn sunlight, or frozen over during the depths of winter.
Make sure you take a spin around Heidi's Ravelry shop before you purchase...
If you purchase 4 or more patterns from my Ravelry Shop at the same time (add them all to your cart before you check out), you automatically receive a 20% discount.
The pattern is purchased, I've chosen my yarn and I've started.

Yesterday I talked about the new Knitter's Pride needles. I'm liking the needles more and more as I work with them. They are quite pointy which is helpful when I am making 1 left and making 1 right. 

I'm about 60 rows into the shawl but there won't be any pictures tonight. I waited too long to go outside and the colours aren't right. Then I tried inside and the colours aren't right. I'll get one in day light tomorrow. What yarn did I chose? Fiberstory Fave Sock. 

You don't need to be an advance knitter to make this. As long as you can cast on, knit, purl and make a stitch then you are good to go.

Now I'm heading back to the River. Another football game tonight and Homeland. This season is getting good. I don't want to talk about it and spoil it if you haven't started watching yet but the last episode ended in a nail biter.


Trina said...

Beautiful pattern! Heidi is my favourite designer. If you have questions while knitting her patterns, if you post them on the groups forum in ravelry, she gets back to you very quickly. So responsive and helpful. Her patterns always look intimidating, but surprisingly easy to follow as so well thought out.

Gail said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I'll definitely have to go check it out.