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Thursday, October 15, 2015

A new store sample

We have new display boxes for shows and they will make their debut in Woodstock. The merino light looks amazing in them.

We are waiting on a huge order from Dream in Color for the show. It is supposed to arrive tomorrow afternoon which means that we will be making kits tomorrow night after set up. Thank goodness we have a big kitchen island to work on. What if the shipment doesn't arrive? I've been planning for that. We have other kits just in case.

A new sample just arrived from Lynda and Lynn will be sewing on the buttons this afternoon. This changed what we will be wearing in the booth on Saturday - we're all going to be wearing ponchos. Not 70's ponchos. Really cool modern ones. And the weather is going to be great for it - cool.

The buttons are sewn on and I took Lynn outside in the rain for pictures.

Pattern: Remy Poncho (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: Classic Elite Chalet
Poncho or sweater? Swoncho? Whatever you like to call it, it’s a great transition piece for fall when a coat is too much and a sweatshirt just doesn’t measure up! Great for indoors as well. This piece is a snap to knit and easy to throw on and look pulled together.

Our sample is the smallest size. Lynn says that she would like the medium to give her some more length and to make it a bit wider.

I'm home and starting on my last bit of printing. We are busy flipping between baseball and football. Hopefully my work is finished soon so that I can get to my knitting.

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