Saturday, July 19, 2014

That is purple

My dad is always finding things to do around our house. The front door wasn't in good shape so he had it replaced. Today it was painted. And I didn't choose the colour.
Tiny who has a painting company and Nancy our landscaper picked this out. How can a purple door be a bad thing?
There was a bit of knitting this afternoon. And more after the picture was taken. I'm almost to the second eyelet section.
The sun room is almost done. We need a few chairs for the table and then one big comfy chair for the corner. I am so in love with the floor. I would like this for the house in Ancaster.
We went to Barnes and Noble after dinner so that Beth could buy some puzzles. She is planning on sitting out here tomorrow and having fun. I'll be out here knitting.


life ldc said...

Looks lovelt!

Trina said...

Floor is lovely, Julie. What is it?

Julie said...

Trina - the floor is tile.