Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ready to Go

Packing for a week in Myrtle Beach is very easy. I have clothes and hair care products there. The only things I need are my computer, iPad, makeup and knitting. Carry on for me. Which would be a lot easier to pack if I had brought the small suitcase home from the store. A small detour in the morning.

The alarm went off at 4am and I got up to watch the golf. The bad news - I'm tired. The good news - I got lots of knitting done. I'm through the fifth eyelet pattern on Auburn Wave.
This Auburn Wave is going to be put aside now and the next one will be cast on tonight so it's ready for the plane. I have this season of Elementary on my iPad so I'm set.

This is the weather forecast for while we're away.
Humid with thunderstorms. Welcome to Myrtle Beach in July.


Anonymous said...

It sounds wonderful. Have a great trip!

Linda said...

'Hope you both enjoy your week stateside.