Saturday, June 28, 2014


The fence is gone. Dad showed up today with his sledgehammer and had fun. Nothing makes him happier than knocking things down.
There was no knitting today. I thought it might be slow in the store today because everyone would be getting ready for the long weekend. Or everyone had already left for the cottage. Surprisingly it was busy today - thanks to all who stopped by - but knitting didn't make it out of the bag. That's for tonight.

If you receive our email newsletters, two went out this week. I'm sorry for that. The first was information on the Tent Sale. The second was because there are new laws in Canada regarding sending out email newsletters. If you would like to keep receiving the newsletter, please click and confirm that you want it. This is what the email looks like
Mr. Melo is upset already. The fireworks haven't started yet but somehow he knows that they will be starting soon. He's getting medication to try and calm him down. Wish us luck tonight.


Irene said...

Julie, have you tried a thunder shirt for Melo? It has made a huge difference for several of my friend's dogs who are afraid of fireworks and thunder. They are very reasonable, so it might be worth a try.

Sherri said...

you might want to look into getting Melo a Thundershirt Julie. They work well.

Julie said...

Thanks for the comments on a thunder shirt. We have one and it works for a thunder storm. Unfortunately it doesn't help him when there are fireworks going off.