Monday, April 14, 2014

Truck of trunks

It's finally left and on it's way to us. There were many phone calls today and I'm a bit worked up but it's coming. It was supposed to be picked up on Friday but the driver showed up late and the company was closed. Anyway, all is good and I should be seeing it on Wednesday.
I'm going to show a couple of colours a day until the Frolic. You had to know that purple would be on day one. :)
Mom and dad have crossed the border. From what I understand the box of the truck is very full of trunks and suitcases. Beth said it was like a puzzle to make everything fit. They had out tape measures and made it work.
Beth just met them with groceries. There are suitcases and hat boxes inside of trunks. Clothes and other things as well.

My CustomFit cardigan soaking.
It's now lying out in my bathroom to dry. When it has dried out a bit more I will lie it out properly to block.

What am I knitting now? Clapotis in tosh pashmina worsted has come out of hiding. I really, really thought about starting another Color Play Mohair Wrap. The yarn came home with me but I decided to finish up some projects. It's a good thought and will last a few days. Then I will start something new. Why kid myself??


Lois Evensen said...

That's quite a masterpiece of fit for those trunks! ;)

Linda said...

Cannot make it to the Frolic but look forward to seeing pics of your booth. Know what would look awesome spilling out of suitcases? Those handsome boys!