Saturday, April 05, 2014


Spring is coming. Spring is coming. I keep telling myself that. There was snow coming down when I let the dogs out this morning. YUCK!

There is a new book coming from Classic Elite this week called Silhouettes.
 An unstructured jacket with lace and cable border.
Sanibel is used for this jacket called Derby.
Sanibel is Classic Elite's fashion yarn: understated, feminine and chic, with a touch of glitz that makes a statement for both daytime and evening wear . The drape is alluring, the hand soft, and the palette sophisticated. Sanibel is perfect for anyone who wants a little excitement in their stash.

A Stockinette stitch, open-back top with I-cord ties and lace inserts on both the front and back. A-line shape is achieved by changing needle size. For a closed back version, knit the front twice.
Wellington is knit in Bella Lino.
Bella Lino is a lightweight yarn that creates an airy fabric with long, harmonious stripes. The palette of summery shades each have a linen-hued base.
 After looking at this pretty, summery garments I'm feeling much better.

in threes is done. Blocking tomorrow. Groovy is just about done. I'm casting it off right now.

There is still one colour that we haven't used for a sample so I'm going to make another in threes. The pattern is super easy. No sewing. Just a few ends to sew in.

The second half of the basketball game just started so I'm signing off and going to knit and watch. Go Florida.

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Polly Kupi said...

The jacket is adorable, can't wait to see the new yarn.