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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Cathy was in the store on Friday and Saturday and did some nifty rearranging to give us empty shelves. Mrs. Crosby needed a home but before she could move in we had to move around other yarns. The before and after of her work. I was in the store at 8 this morning to start and then Kim finished when she came in.

This is the temporary display for Mrs. Crosby. When I get home next week there are plans but they will take a bit of work and moving and I didn't want to start before going.

Wannietta delivered Vodka Lemonade (pattern purchased on Ravelry) on Saturday morning. It is knit in Carpet Bag.

Now I need to start packing. There might be an emergency trip to the dry cleaners in the morning.

I almost hit Publish and then remembered something. The madelinetosh arrived today. It's in the store and we are working to get it on the shelves.

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