Sunday, April 20, 2014

New Project

Happy Easter. I hope everyone is having a great day with family and/or friends. It is sunny out there but the temperature could go up a bit.

I caved and started something new last night. My first thought was this pattern.
Beth was going by the storage locker yesterday and I asked her to pick me up a couple of skeins of the merino/silk, dk weight yarn. We couldn't decide if the purple (wild huckleberry) and green (boston fern) had enough contrast so I asked her to bring vintage port as well.
The three colours worked very well together. You know what that means? A linen stitch scarf. One day I will make the Pine Bough Cowl.

It's time to make desert for tonight's dinner. While the cookies are in the oven I'm going to start sewing buttons on the the little girls cardigans. It's an unfortunate way to spend time on this great day. :)

The cookies are done but not the buttons. I worked on two other tasks. I sent yarn to Ann for a cowl but she had limited time to knit before heading on vacation. I finished up the cowl this afternoon and it is blocking. Then there is a shawl that Beth knit. She was whining while casting off so I said that I would do it. Normally my cast off is fine but this one was way too tight. Then I remembered Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast Off. Here is the video.

In case the video disappears (it's been happening lately) here is the link to it...

Have a great dinner. We'll be at Aunt Rene's feasting on turkey and watching the hockey. Does it get any better??

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