Monday, April 21, 2014


Kim Hargreaves has a new book. It's not available in Canada yet, but I hope to have a delivery date for you in the next few days.

Yarns: Kidsilk Haze, Fine Lace, Panama, Cotton Glace, Softknit Cotton, Revive,
Pure Linen, Creative Linen, Wool Cotton, Handknit Cotton & All Seasons Cotton

Today was spent doing a lot of running around. I was out of the house at 8am and on my way to Toronto.

I needed bags for our Quest at TNNA. My hope was orange bags but when I got to the bag store I realized that they were too small. What to do? Take bigger bags in white. I came home, stopping at Staples to buy labels on the way and started printing.

Then a trip to the storage unit to see how everything was looking. My elf had all the trunks packed.

A conference call about TNNA then back to the storage locker to make kits. A couple more stops and I'm home. Now Beth and I are arguing having a discussion as to who is going to make dinner. I won. We're going out.

I have a few chores tonight.
-buttons - they still haven't been sewn on
-ends to sew in on two shawls
-signs for the booth
-knit on my scarf - I know it won't be done but I would like to have a chunk knit to show

I wasn't stressed until starting my list. It'll be OK. There are still 5 sleeps until the show.


Anne Featonby said...

The shades are amazing.....and the luggage is so appropriate!

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord I see a Colour Craving in the second trunk photo - purple, pink and the blue......look what you have done!!!!!