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Sunday, April 06, 2014

I'm becoming a pro at blocking

There was more blocking at my house last night. Thank goodness I bought more towels last week. I go through them quickly.

in threes which is laying out in my bathroom.
Groovy is laying out on the pool table.

I finally remembered to bring home some Fig Soak. I really like the scent. I would say that it is on the mild side.
Ripened with sweet fig and lychee, and crowned by dandelions, Fig has the delicious scent of fresh-picked clean.

My next garment is growing.

Another in threes in the colour roasted chestnut. I'm putting on bright happy buttons. I think that brown is a great colour for a little one but some people aren't going to like my colour choice. Hence the buttons.

Once this is done I need to get back to my CustomFit cardigan. I need to knit 1.5 sleeves and sew it together. The plan is to have it ready to wear at TNNA the first weekend of May.

There are a lot of deadlines in my life right now. :)

It's a sad evening. No Amazing Race. No Mentalist. Beth has been taping American Dream Builders so I will watch that tonight.

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