Friday, April 11, 2014

CustomFit Cardigan

The first sleeve of my CustomFit cardigan is done. I put it out on the deck and Melo came running over. He laid down wanting in on the pictures.

These pictures came through this morning.

Beth and the guys went golfing on Wednesday morning. She knit in the car on the way there. Carl thought he would try his hand at knitting too.

Beth's Master's ticket.

Dad napping in the sun room this morning. The table was being delivered and they were waiting.

We had more pillows made for the room. I'm glad that we did. I think the room needs lots of them.
The table arrived. It looks small but Beth assures me that it isn't. The room is really big. Now the chairs. When I see how much room is left I'm thinking big wicker chairs.

Beth hasn't been to Myrtle Beach since the room was finished. She was very excited. She says that a fridge and TV will complete the room. Then she will never have to leave it. She loves to do puzzles and the table is perfect.

I've been at home for part of the afternoon with the dogs. OK, looking after the dogs and watching golf. I did get some work done. The super secret yarn has been added to the back end of the website. It will go live the day of the Frolic.

Beth is home and the dogs are happy. I'm happy because I will only have one dog in bed tonight. Roko lies right against me and I can kick and move and he won't budge.

If I'm going to get my sleeve done tonight then I had better sign off and move to the couch.

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