Thursday, April 17, 2014


My Clapotis in pashmina worsted. I'm into the third ball. Not sure if the three will be enough or if I will add in a fourth.

Earlier this week I was ready to set it aside because I felt like it wasn't growing. For some reason it hit me last night that it really is growing, and quickly, and I should keep going and get it done. Maybe in time to take to TNNA?

The yarn is so soft and great to work with.
It's not mine.

Kim started the Color Play Mohair Wrap. Now I really want to start one.

Kim finished her second Color Affection this week as well. She used tosh merino light in paper, antique lace and weathered frame.

She was very, very afraid of short rows and now that's she has done them she loves them.

 Today's colours.
I'm in the store watching hockey while Nadine is teaching. I'm glad that I watched the end of the game last night. There isn't anything better than overtime in a playoff game. Tonight there are 4 games. I'm going to be busy.

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