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Tuesday, April 01, 2014


I did quite a bit of blocking last night. This is the first batch. Hats that Beth has knit.
Once I pulled the hats out I put in a cowl. It's a very bright pink and I was worried that the colour might run a bit. This can happen with hand dyed yarns - especially bright or dark colours. There was absolutely no pink in the water.
The last thing to go in the bath - another cowl.

When I emptied the tub the water was perfectly clear.

Blocking this many things at once requires a lot of towels. I've taken some from Beth's bathroom as well as the guest towels. It's really time to go out and buy some cheap towels.

Cathy came in with a new shawl today. She might not get it back. Cordelia from the Classic Elite book Oceanside, knit in Bella Lino. Bella Lino is a linen, cotton, viscose blend. Great for all seasons. I love how the colours change. No getting bored while knitting.
This wrap is worked from the top down, back and forth in rows; circular needle is used to accommodate stitches.
I'm posting early today because I'm heading to the Around the Bay Knitting Guild to speak tonight. My bag is packed with hand outs and samples. I need to find a tape measure and we're good to go. Hope to see you there.

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