Saturday, March 01, 2014


I made the podium. Thanks to the great folks of Ravelry for all their work on the Ravellenics.

Marie's first exclusive collection, Windswept is a celebration of traditional fairisle and cable patterning with a hint of crochet.  Containing 12 modern and classic fitting garments that are perfect to wear at home or on bracing country or seaside walks that look great styled with tartans and plaids.
The patterns in this book are awesome.

I just read about this book on Facebook (thanks Anne) but it's Saturday and I'm at home. I can't look on my price list to see when it will be available. I can't call my supplier to get answers. I'll try to have more information on Monday.

See all the patterns...

I totally forgot to mention Survivor. Beauty vs Brawn vs Brains. Brains?? I don't think so. They sure weren't very smart on Wednesday night. And the Beauty tribe looks very strong. They got fire right away. They're good in challenges. It is going to be an interesting season.

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