Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring is in the air

Spring is here (at least it feels that way today). It's time to start thinking about some lighter weight knits. On Facebook I kept showing cowl patterns and was told that I needed to stop and to start showing spring/summer things if I wanted winter to end.

Here are some pattern suggestions for you - all were purchased on Ravelry

September Circle - top left

Made with 420 yards of fingering weight yarn.

Self-striping. Hand dyed. Solid. The possibilities....

Brickless - top right
Berlin in Winter is colder than most other big German cities – when travelling there, a big, cozy shawlette like this will come in handy! The beautiful colors are reminiscent of bright city lights in dark winter nights. The shape of the shawlette is an asymmetrical, long triangle, formed by rows that are getting longer and longer as you go. They are worked in different simple, but very effective patterns that make them look a little like a skyline of tall houses. These skyscrapers are not built with bricks, but concrete and steel – hence the name, "Brickless". And also: No more bricks in the wall that used to divide Berlin.
 knit in 560 yards of worsted weight yarn

Jet Stream - bottom
Combine: 1) beautiful yarn, 2) plenty of stocking stitch, 3) interesting (but oh-so easy) sideways & short row construction, and 4) eyelets, and you get a pretty shawl that’s soothing to knit and luxurious to wear!
You will need 2-100gram skeins of fingering weight yarn

I'm writing early because after work I am going out for dinner. Our cousin Aaron is getting married in April (the Saturday of the Frolic) and Beth is one of the MCs. She needs to figure out what she is going to talk about. Actually, the first thing she needs to know is how far she can push things. Funny or serious? What stories are appropriate? She doesn't want to upset the parents and grandparents :)

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Irene said...

MC is a really important job. I got a little emotional, good thing the grooms mother was giving me the evil eye.