Sunday, March 09, 2014

Short Rows

I was playing on Ravelry (looking at patterns of course) and came across a few shawls that I liked. The problem - short rows. I know how to do short rows. They aren't too hard. My problem is that I knit a bit on the loose side so my short rows show more than other knitters. While reading comments, someone talked about German Short Rows. What are they? My friend Google found me this video. A great explanation.

There is also a download on Ravelry that has an explanation. I don't think it is as good as the video but it gives you another perspective.

Now I'm going back through the shawls.

Why shawls? There are a few boxes of yarn in my bedroom. The super secret special yarn for the Frolic. Lynda is making a shawl and a scarf. Diana is making a shawl. Lorraine has yarn for a shawl. Kim has yarn for a shawl. There are boxes beside me for Wannietta (a cardigan) and Anne (a cowl). I'm working on two different cowls. Beth is knitting a hat. We will have lots of samples! Sorry, can't tell you anything else right now. Pictures will come in a few weeks.

The Amazing Race tonight means more knitting time.


Unknown said...

Julie, I LOVE the german short rows. They are virtually invisible, plus I have never worked past them. No need for stitch markers. I have already "converted" a couple of people to the german dark side.

Unknown said...

Another very good video.

I used this one when working on a "Dreambird".