Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Table

The sun room in Myrtle Beach is finished except for the table. Beth and I picked one out here but getting it to Myrtle would be tough. Last weekend I went to Pottery Barn while I was in Myrtle and found this table.

Prized for its durability and natural rust resistance, galvanized zinc is ideal for casual outdoor entertaining. We used this metal to top our dining table, designed with rugged functionality and eclectic style. The antique silvery blue finish provides a handsome contrast to the table’s solid eucalyptus X-shaped base.
Zinc naturally develops a patina over time and may accumulate marks or signs of wear with use; these inherent qualities contribute to the material’s distinctive character. 
This way we don't have to worry about people spilling or marks from glasses.

I wasn't buying anything without Beth's approval. She's going soon so I figured she could go look at it in the store. Mom and dad went and looked and they liked it. Beth looked on the Pottery Barn website and gave the OK so mom and dad bought it for us - our Christmas present. Now the next job is chairs. We need two for one side and one for the end. The window bench will be the seats for the other side and end.

I didn't make it to One of a Kind last night. It was cold, windy and they called for snow. Instead I knit and have been knitting all day today. Ishbel is almost done. 8 more rows. Long rows but I hope to finish tonight. The baseball season starts. The Amazing Race. The Mentalist. Hopefully pictures tomorrow.

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life ldc said...

Love it! It will look great with your window seat cushions.