Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moving Mud

A new book just arrived.
A collection of 16 fabulous colourwork designs knitted in a gorgeous selection of Rowan yarns. This book includes step-by-step illustrated tutorials and friendly text making mastering colourwork skills simple, satisfying and fun.

See all the patterns...

I keep forgetting to write about The Amazing Race from Sunday evening. Their road block was so easy. Sew a shirt. The pieces were already cut out - that is the part that I hate the most. The seams didn't have to be finished. I'm not even sure that they had to be proper seam allowances. They didn't have to sew on buttons. I was texting Beth to tell her that I would have done that challenge and we would have been out first. I would have killed it!!

Here is another finished garment for the Frolic.
The pattern is Imagine When by Joji Locatelli. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry or we have printed copies in the store.

I just talked with Sarina from Moving Mud.
Moving Mud is a truly small business.  Johnny and Sarina make, design, package and sell all of the product.  Scout, the littlest of the bunch, lends a hand in packaging quite often.
Living in Vermont provides us with a healthy lifestyle that keeps us busy.  On an average day we cook up a storm, tend to the generous garden, take care of chickens, throw in some kind of exercise, work on the torch, daily chores of course, and get together with neighbors.
Moving Mud uses the traditional glassblowing technique called lampwork.  Each button is made of borosilicate glass, which is pyrex.  The glass is melted and formed with a torch that combines oxygen and propane.  For added strength, all pieces are annealed.  Annealing is a strengthening process of slowly cooling glass to relieve internal stresses by using a kiln.
Shawl pins are leaving the US tomorrow and should be here next week. I don't know what colours are coming - it will be a surprise when we open the box.

More shawl pins. YAY!!!

Last night we sat down to watch TV and I was going to knit on Ishbel. I changed my mind because I was tired and afraid to start the lace pattern. Good thing. I pulled it out today to work on it and needed to do more rows before starting the lace. Counting obviously isn't my strong suit. Good thing I waited because I would have been mad to start the lace pattern on 200 stitches and get to the end of the row and find out I was off somehow. I'm on track now. A few more rows and then I can start.

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