Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Knitter's Frolic

This is my reminder that the Frolic is coming. And quickly. I need to start getting things in order. We will have a whole new booth this show. I'm going fabric shopping tonight. And a brand new yarn company with five different yarns. Samples need to be knit. Signs need to be printed. Handouts. Yikes.

Rowan has a free pattern for a scarf knit out of Pure Linen-one of the new yarns for spring.
Knit this accessory lace pattern striped scarf, a free pattern download designed by Lisa Richardson. Using Pure Linen, a wonderful yarn with a soft sheen and relaxed drape (linen), this scarf is made up using a section of every shade of yarn in the Pure Linen range.
Download the pattern...

I can't say that I love Rowan's colour choice but they wanted to show off all the colours in one scarf. I do love the stitch pattern though.

Take a look at this blog - Tina combined Silkystones and Pure Linen and ended up with a beautiful scarf. I really want it!

I was going to knit last night until I got upstairs and a 75lb Golden Retriever decided that he wanted to sit on my lap. He still wasn't feeling well. Beth took him back to the vet this morning and it is inflamed but not infected. He is on prednisone now. Our kitchen counter looks like a pharmacy with all his pills. And dog pills aren't cheap.

I'd like to say there will be knitting tonight. Hopefully Roko lets me. Survivor. I hope the brains got smarter this week. :) Idol. I hope the singing gets better. I thought we were going to have a good season but I've been disappointed so far. Criminal Minds. CSI. Busy evening.

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lookinout said...

If the dog is on human pills, check with your pharm. The savings can be 40 to 50%.