Saturday, March 08, 2014

Happy Birthday Beth

OK, it's not her birthday today (it's not until July) but she got her birthday present after work. She wanted golf clubs for Myrtle Beach. The irons that she has here were on sale at Golf Town. Ancaster didn't have them but Burlington did. We drove out after I closed the store and she has her irons. It was a very expensive trip. I have a new driver and a pair of shoes. Then I took her to Hero Burger for dinner.

While I'm writing the Paralympic Games are on. When we turned the TV on it was the 7.5km biathlon and then curling. Now we're watching sledge hockey. They must be in amazing shape. It is incredible how fast they can move up and down the ice. It really makes you think. My finger hurts and I complain. These athletes are sight impaired or missing a limb yet they compete at this level. Very inspiring.

Diana came in this morning to pick up some yarn to make a store sample and she was wearing something cool under her coat. I asked her about it and she pulled it off.

Framed (a free pattern on Ravelry) knit in Rowan Revive.

Framed is a sideways knitted kerchief-style shawl in the same spirit as the popular Baktus.
Panels of trellis lace are framed by strips of garter stitch, and the whole scarf is framed in I-cord, making clean, tailored edges.
Framed can be made with any weight yarn and in any size – it is very versatile and it’s all up to you!!
Framed is fully charted, using four charts that work logically through the pattern. There are also written instructions for each section.
Diana has loaned the shawl to us for a bit. She doesn't know that she might not get it back. Make sure you take a look when you come into the store. Did I mention that I love it??

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Irene said...

Happy Birthday Beth, love the shawl. And I agree the sledge hockey players must be in incredible shape. I too complain when something hurts.