Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Elder Tree Shawl

Kim brought in her latest project today.

Pattern: Elder Tree Shawl - free on Ravelry
Yarn: It's still a secret

The shawl is beautiful!!

I'm really starting to like the black and white pictures. Sometimes knitters are swayed by the colour of a garment - whether they are seeing it in person or in a picture. If they don't like the colour they will pass it by. In the black and white pictures you are looking at the stitch pattern and shape of the garment.

Not coming to the Frolic? No worries. The yarn will be in the store after the show (we're having nightmares about how we are going to fit it in). It will also be available on the website.

It's a busy TV night. Survivor. Idol. CSI. Criminal Minds. I think that's it. The best part. Lots of knitting.


Dayana Knits said...

Great point about the black and white, I hadn't thought of that. For sure I run into people all the time who can't see past the color that was chosen for the photograph. A shame, really!

lookinout said...

You're totally right about the colour. I am certain that I am swayed by it. I've noticed it in catalogues such as Sears or LL Bean too.